Our Proposals

Fusion Group is bringing forward a sustainable scheme that delivers new student accommodation, exciting town-centre
space, green spaces and much-needed affordable housing for Haringey.

The scheme will encourage street activity along Lordship Lane and create a truly mixed-use community for
all members.

Your feedback has helped us shape our proposals for the site. We look forward to receiving your thoughts on our
developed proposals.

Our scheme has been driven by the following design concepts:
  • High quality affordable homes – delivering new much-needed homes for the local people of Wood Green and Haringey.
  • Activating Lordship Lane with exciting town-centre spaces – transforming the site into a thriving hub for the local community
  • Regeneration– Revitalising a large urban site that currently experiences anti-social behaviour and is underutilised
  • A dynamic town-centre space – offering a mix of retail spaces, cafes, and co-working areas, fostering a vibrant hub for the local community
  • High quality student accommodation – modern, well-equipped rooms connected by a social amenity space designed to foster a sense of community, encourage a healthy lifestyle and support academic success
  • Exciting new public spaces – open and green spaces to provide opportunities for relaxation, recreation, andcommunity gatherings
  • A design that responds to the local context – paying homage to the rich heritage of Wood Green and the Noel Park Conversation area
  • Enhanced connectivity – easy access to public transportation, coupled with dedicated cycle paths, to encourage sustainable travel

Please click below to view the November 2023 consultation materials. You can also view the May 2023 consultation materials. 

About Fusion

At Fusion, we are dedicated to providing students with the best possible experience in their chosen university cities. We believe that every aspect of student living should be carefully considered and designed, from our beautifully crafted living and study spaces to our unparalleled social facilities and our focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

As pioneers and leaders in our industry, we constantly explore innovative ways to collaborate with our partners and operate within our buildings based on the unique characteristics of the cities where we develop and operate. We prioritise the environment, our people, and our students in everything we do.

Our positive living ethos underpins everything we do, ensuring that our students have access to great facilities and living spaces, as well as an enriching experience that will positively impact their lives.

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